Come funziona elimina odori Igea Nautica
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How Igea Nautica products work

Igea Nautica Water-soluble sachetsHOW DO IGEA NAUTICA PRODUCTS WORK?

All products are in single-use soluble sachets.


Insert a sachet into the provided bottle and fill it with tap water. Put the sprayer back on and the product is ready to use!

“SANI” line.
Insert a sachet into the boat’s tank and the product will do the rest!

“WASH” line (new!)
Follow the instructions and dosages on the packages for hand washing, washing machine and dishwasher!


All Igea Nautica products are based on a revolutionary formula with an innovative approach to the problem of odors on boats. Igea Nautica products solve the cause of bad odors on any organic matter through a process of oxygenation, avoiding the use of enzymes and harsh chemicals, such as chloride.
No other formula in the world can ensure such an extraordinary result in a short period of time and with a low environmental impact.